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What we are?

Smart money control makes real estate investment easy, fast, and secure to buyers and sellers around the world. Through the power of smart money control self-developed blockchain, it’s now possible to tokenize prestigious real world properties, bringing everything from dream homes to luxury villas on-chain in NFT form. Best of all, our Real Estate’s F-NFTs enable fractional ownership, making real estate investing more accessible. Invest today and earn dividends, APY yields, rental income, property value appreciation, and other rewards — in addition to access to world-class facilities around the globe.

Access real estate investment opportunities with low entry costs through our decentralized financial platform

Earn while you sleep. Take home rental earnings and benefit from property value appreciation.

Revolution in Blockchain Era, in a decentralized way.

In the coming year, our team will develop a marketplace
that will open doors for collaborations, exclusivity, and profits towards the community.


Blockchain technology, a marvel in the digital economy, has the potential to reverberate throughout every industry and enterprise .


Reliable and secure

The team strives to inspire a significant proportion of investors to help make COUNTRYCOIN a bridge connecting the technology to sustainability.


The team strives to create a fast gaming paradigm for the modern technology.