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Our company was designed with the goal of automating the real estate sales process. By bringing the technology to enable fully online and self-driving real estate transactions on smart contracts.

Our Services

Crypto Development

With the aid of cutting-edge blockchain technology, you can introduce your own cryptocurrency asset. Since it provides highly secured and scalable online investment, cryptocurrency has been extensively adopted by many businesses.

Service for Trading Crypto

Professional traders with years of market experience in a trading education network.

NFT Marketplace

A blockchain-based online marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens is called the our Real Estate NFT marketplace (NFTs). Increasingly more people are using NFT markets as a result of NFTs' skyrocketing prices.

Brilliant Exchanging

Digital money Robotized Exchanging Bots are PC programming that puts and oversee exchanges in view of existing guidelines.

Why Choose Us

Our blockchain is an intended to embrace blockchain innovation and fills in as the establishment for a versatile and supportable business environment. The Blockchain is based on existing, blockchain development innovations made for accomplishing mass reception according to an innovation point of view.

These advances contain the verification of power agreement component, conventions of exchange charge designation, worked in brilliant agreements and meta exchange highlights.

How it works

In order to sell the apartment as an NFT, the process operated slightly differently than a traditional real estate sale. The buyer becomes the owner of the NFT that gives the rights to the LLC, proprietary-developed legal papers for NFTs to transfer ownership to all future buyers. We have developed the smart contracts, the legal framework that is suitable for the US market and will soon launch a real estate NFT auction platform for the upcoming NFTs.

Thus agents and consumers can choose between what we Offer to make normal offers, and NFT auction to make public offers. For this particular auction we secure financing to future real estate NFT owners.

Our Features

Global Availability

Our platform is built on top of the biggest cloud providers in the world with uptime 99.99%.

Instant Delivery

Launch your validator in minutes, instalt auto-scale to adapt the load without any downtime.

Managed Service

You focus on your business ideas, we ensure your infrastructure is up and stable and always up to date.


Our core technology is built on top of the most powerful technologies in the world.

Is nft really
used by people?

Yes. There are a growing number of businesses and individuals using nft This includes brick-and-mortar businesses like restaurants, apartments, and law firms, as well as popular online services such as Namecheap and

Can I sell my NFT ?

Of course. You're welcome to sell the token if you no longer want access to the it . If you wish to get back in, nfts tokens are available here.

What is the mission
of the project?

On a mission to make NFTs understandable & accessible. We believe that NFTs represent the future of digital ownership, and can create a more equitable future. We are driving towards understanding this new asset class with an empowered community.

What are the value
of the project?

Our company values are designed around principles we believe matter in the world, our industry, and within our team. We respect our users, community, & each other.

ROADMAP - 2022


1) Presale launch

2) Website launch


1) Pancake swap listing
2) Dex-trade listing
3) Bankcex listing


1) Social media marketing
2) CMC application
3) APE-swap listing


1) Staking launch
2) Telegram staking launch


1) NFT marketplace launch
2) Smart exchange launch
3) Smart swap launch


1) SMC launchpad
2) Shopping integration
3) Debit card integration


1) SMC real estate
2) Marketplace on metaverse